You don't know my name.

This is mostly for me.


I only got I couple of hours of sleep last night, and so work was traumatic.

A whole week.

So, a week has passed since I last posted anything, mostly due to procrastination and such.
Nothing very interesting has happened. I’ll post tonight and tell you about my day (it’s 6 am right now). But please don’t hold me to that, I might not.


So here we are again; it seems I can only write in my blog when it’s late morning and I haven’t slept (it’s 5:06).
Today I didn’t wake up until late afternoon, about 5-6 ish, this was probably because I didn’t sleep until about 7 the night before, and didn’t sleep at all the night before that… In fact, no, that’s not probably why, that’s definitely why.
I’ve decided to name each post the one thing that springs to mind when I’m deciding what I’m going to write about in these posts, in this case, it’s Dom (short for Dominic), my mums boyfriend.
He is a really nice guy, my sister and myself get along with him great, he likes Apple and ninjas.
Today he came over and is staying the night. While he was here, he, my mum and Orla went to the pound shop and bought £20 worth of plastic toys which they (and I, a bit) spent the afternoon and early evening playing with. There were water balloons, samurai swords, frisbees etc. At one point, Dom and Orla played a game where she would throw a water balloon, and he would try to hit it with a samurai sword. I recorded it in slow-motion on his phone, seeing him mess up in slow-mo was hilarious.
Afterwards we got KFC and we talked about which laptop I’d be getting and loads of other Apple stuff, my mum tried to join in but she didn’t really know what was going on.
We spoke about the Yosemite beta which is out and I’ve downloaded, I like it, it’s very pretty, however, it has made my computer slightly more buggy which is annoying. I think I can put up with it though until the final release comes out.
Gnats are still a thing.
I have work tomorrow so I should go to bed…

Yeah, I fell asleep.

This is the second time in a row that I’ve written a blog post at early hours in the morning… Even though I’m insanely tired.
In regards to my last post, yes, I fell asleep while Alex was over for a few hours, I think that annoyed him, but he seemed okay. We had quite a nice day, but it was too hot and my room was messy and I was tired, so the mood was kinda dampened. But we watched some breaking bad and played some video games which was nice.
I also went and got paid. £102, lucky me. However, I’ve been told that I’ve lost a bunch of shifts that I thought I was going to be having over the coming weeks. I was really looking forward to getting a massive amount of pay, but oh well, I’ll just have to make do with what I get.
My mum is still nagging me to get cover for work for when I go on holiday, I’ve asked Blen, he said he’ll tell me when he gets back from wherever it is he’s going, I can’t remember where it is.
I need to find a way to conserve this money because I really want to get my laptop as soon as possible, and along with all of the other stuff I’m buying, it probably won’t happen until Christmas.
There have been loads of gnats coming in my room of an evening recently, I’ve killed 4 over the past 2 days. Note to self: gnats have much slower reflexes compared to flys. But as a result, I’m covered in bites, the most annoying thing in existence.
Tomorrow I have the day off, so I’ll probably just sit and do nothing all day. I’ll let you know.


It’s 08:27 in the morning of Friday the 25th of July.
Today I have plans to see Alex, he is coming over, I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to be doing, but at about half 3, I need to go to Papa John’s to get paid.
I haven’t slept tonight, so I might be tired when Alex gets here, which is playing on my mind, I don’t want him to be annoyed or upset or disappointed.
Something else that has been playing on my mind a lot recently is the fact that I’m getting my GCSE results in less than a month, on the 21st of August I think, and I’m pretty sure they’re all going to come out terrible, then my mum will hate me and I won’t get into college. I keep telling myself that worrying about it won’t change anything and I just need to get on with it, which is what my normal mindset is like. I don’t tend to panic or worry, I just take things as they come and try and make the best from the things I am given.
But anyway, I’m not sure how much money I’m going to keep aside to save up for a MacBook, and how much I’m going to spend, but I guess we’ll see. Before I buy the MacBook, I have other stuff to spend money on, like mine and Alex’s trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, during which I have to buy my mum and sister presents.
That pretty much sums up my mind right now.